EarSonics S-EM6 V2: In the fight for neutrality

«You wear black on St. Germain des Pres

I can still hear you miles away

I wear black you wear black

The trumpet answered back

Jazz is Paris and Paris is jazz…»


                                                        Malcolm McLaren "Jazz Is Paris"

Bonjour, friends!

Today to us will have the luck to enjoy excellent audiodelicacy straight from France! Well, and it is an good occasion to taste Burgundian, to drag on Gauloises and to reconsider something from Jean-Luc Godard.

However, this is already optional for dessert, and our main dish, without which it definitely won't do, is the six-driver's IEM S-EM6 V2 from EarSonics.


As well as it is necessary to all French, the EarSonics company has an old and nice story. The engineers of EarSonics are the founding fathers standing at the origins of creation of BA earphones.

It was they who, together with such brands as Westone, Shure and UE, began to be the first to manufacture in-ear monitors and custom monitors, based on 2, 3, 4 or more BA drivers / receivers.


My acquaintance with the products of this brand began a long time ago, about eight years ago, when I had the opportunity to listen to their SM2 and SM3 models. A little later I had SM64, SM2-IFI and EarSonics Velvet in use. On the last two models, I have already written reviews.


I cannot tell about all model range, it at EarSonics is very wide, but all the above-mentioned IEM had their unforgettable, unique handwriting. From model to model, the company invariably retains its signature, intimate French style: warm, musical and extremely comfortable sound with a touch of charm, like a perfume fragrance.

The hero of our review today is rather an exception to this rule. S-EM6 V2 are very different in their sound philosophy from other models of the brand. Although fundamental traits such as purebred and comfortable sound, the S-EM6 V2 inherited.


However, it's time to finish the lengthy reasoning and go directly to the acquaintance with these amazing earphones!


Text by Alexey Kashirskey aka Hans Barbarossa

We thanks the Earsonics company for the provided sample for listening




Sensitivity: 112 dB/mW

Frequency response : 10 Hz -22 kHz

Impedance: 30 ohms

Driver: 6 balanced armature drivers (2 lows, 2mediums, 2 highs), 3-way passive crossover.

Appearance, kit, ergonomics

Earphones are delivered in black packing on which face their name with specification is largely specified that it is the second version. It’s reality important here as the model of the first assembly has cardinally other approach to a sound. The blue-white logo of a brand is located in the right bottom corner, the inscription "Made in France" with the corresponding flag - in top the right.





This packing is left by a treasured chest. We open it, and already through two round windows the S-EM6 V2 are looking at us. Slightly below thanks and kind wishes from Franck Lopez - the musician, the sound producer, the founding father and also the CEO of the EarSonics brand are written!


In addition to the S-EM6 V2, the box contains three pairs of silicone tips (the fourth pair is already worn), two pairs of Comply foam tips, a hard zippered case, napkins for care of earphones, the adapter of 3.5/6.3 mm, a brush for cleaning of sound pipes and the guarantee card were placed. In a word, there is all necessary that can ever be necessary for use of earphones.


Pitch-black, streamlined headphones look like royal jewels: at the same time strictly and status. The shell of the S-EM6 V2 is compact, despite the fact that 6 BA drivers / receivers are located in each IEM. Material - plastic. On the right there is a gilded logo "ES", on the left - the number "6". The sound pipe is short, with three holes. Carrying earphones is supposed having a cable behind an ear.




The assembly is almost flawless, which is not surprising, because the headphones are assembled by hand and exclusively in France!


Replaceable cable with a nice weave is also black. It is light and comfortable, 2pin 0.78mm plug, 3.5-mm L-shaped jack. After a captious comparison with wires from other manufacturers, he did not cause any serious complaints to me.



Generally, S-EM6 V2 some of the most convenient universal IEM which I used. They are easy, beautiful, and at the correct selection of tips it is possible to reach the maximum comfort.


And now the most fascinating part of our review!


Listening (audio testing) was conducted on: MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, QLS DA 9.1 Melokin, Lotoo paw Gold, iFI xDSD, iFI xCAN, iFI micro iDSD Black Lable, & QLS QA-361.

With all the devices S-EM6 V2 played at an extremely high level. However, they are quite demanding on the sound source and amplifier. Therefore, to connect such headphones to a smartphone would not be the best solution.


Personally, I would recommend a bundle for portable use of these IEM: player - QLS QA-361, DAC / amplifier - iFI micro iDSD Black Lable. And if you want a compromise, convenience and ability to work with streaming services - iFI xDSD or iFI xCAN.


I would designate sounding of S-EM6 V2 as equal, smooth, with great working off of micro and macro nuances, excellent separation of instruments, good speed characteristics and amazing neutrality. The picture is drawn wide, contrasting, naturalistic, with a magnificent transfer of sound timbres.

This is an extremely accurate, detailed and neutral manner of sound, with a slightly dark, velvety background. S-EM6 V2 exactly keep the balance between the monitor sound and amazing musicality, while maintaining the emotional component of the composition. I will also note the excellent tuning of this model with the seamless matching of drivers.


The drum set rolls up the blows on both sides of the listener, demonstrating a clear and precise clap, with a perfectly perceptible blow force. The bass is distinct, assembled, with precise punch and good speed characteristics. It is fed extremely linearly. Quantitatively, there is not much of it, but there are no questions to the quality of working out, it goes on par with the rest of the frequency range.

It is a smooth, embossed and very comfortable manner. In some modern electronic genres, where pumping and a powerful rolling blow are required, its quantity may be lacking, but switching to more naturalistic music (classical, jazz, instrumental compositions and even rock), you realize that it’s just as much good The sub-bass area is slightly pushed back, but this is done correctly, so that all the necessary information is saved without any obvious loss.

Midrange is awesome! They are presented precisely, technically, and I would even say, analytically, meticulously describing each element of the musical image in space. This is a clean, smooth, natural and extremely detailed manner of presentation. The picture is drawn harmoniously, reliably, with a sprawling stereo panorama, in neutral warm colors, where each instrument and sound is clearly outlined in space. It is smooth, well-balanced, silky, realistic and at the same time utterly emotional performance.

Each pinch of stringed instruments, vocals, piano modulations sound clean and spacious, carefully tracing a sound picture with small strokes, extremely accurately and melodically conveying the mood of the composition.

The high frequencies are clean and crisp, extremely smooth and saturated, they add beauty and gloss to the compositions being listened to. This register accurately and correctly draws attention to itself. As a result, the sound is clear, embossed, realistic and at the same time completely comfortable.




Virtual space is embedded widely beyond the head, clearly denoting the depth of space and the positioning of sound images on it.

Brian Bromberg /Caravan/"Wood2"

EarSonics S-EM6 V2 just amazingly perform this composition.


The part of a contrabass of Brian Bromberg sounds so realistic that it seems as if your shoulder rests against the musician's shoulder, and with every tweak, the vibration of the deck and the trembling of the string, you feel it with your body.


The pianist's nimble fingers, skillfully improvising, wander around the keyboard and generously fill the listener with syncopations and torn chords.


Drummer clearly and accurately taps the rhythm of the working drum, not forgetting the cheerful jazz knocks, outlines every touch.


Virtuoso playing coupled with a stunning transfer of the S-EM6 V2 to the entire timbre palette of the composition literally leads into a trance, forcing it to leave the real world and immerse in the hypnotic atmosphere of jazz.


A listening of a new album The Specials "Encore" in couple of S-EM6 V2 QLS QA-361 caused in me musical euphoria, comparable, probably, only with visit of a performance of this great collective. So it turns out that I great saved on tickets for a concert, and air flight to Britain there and back. The finest that there is an opportunity some time to repeat these impressions.

The EarSonics S-EM6 V2, for all its neutral way of delivering sound, is at the same time one of the most musical IEM I've heard. What is especially valuable, this musicality is not achieved due to distortions or distortions, but like this - unobtrusively, honestly, on our own. I believe that this IEM model is designed specifically for true audiophiles, connoisseurs of smooth, clean and detailed sound.


As for the frequencies (In the dry residue)

Lows - timbre rich, textured, with precise beat and fast, harmonious bass.


Mids - very detailed, clean, smooth, with good texture and stunning resolution. Neutral and naturalistic.


Highs - clear, precise, some cool and incredibly natural.



EarSonics S-EM6 V2 - awesome IEM. This is a perfectly balanced, clear and genuine sound that strikes with naturalness and causes a storm of emotions.

Separately it should be noted the highest quality (manual assembly in France!) and good set.

In the online store earsonics.com S-EM6 V2 can be bought for 999,00 €. Yes, it is expensive, but I can assure that it is worth it.

In general, if you have the opportunity to fork out for a sophisticated and high-quality sound, then I highly recommend S-EM6 V2 for purchase.




Sound, ergonomics, design, workmanship.



Price (although against the background of competitors it is quite democratic)

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