NF Audio NF3u: snow symphony

Hi friends!

Whether we like it or not, winter is getting closer. And for me, the first forerunner of blizzards and snowdrifts was the outstanding IEM model NF Audio NF3u. The sound of these ears is as clear as the first snow, gently strewn lightly still sleeping city, it blows from the freshness of the frosty morning. But back to the lyrics a little later, but for now a few words about the creators of this winter tale.


NF Audio ("Near Field" monitoring), is the Chinese brand specializing in production of custom In-EAR monitors (CIEM), but in their assortment there are also universal IEM. I have for the first time heard about NF Audio about one and a half years ago, and then they have produced the custom NF6 model on the basis of 6 BA which was pleasant too much. And now I with pleasure hurry to tell you about their universal NF3u model constructed on three BA.


So, Winter Is Coming.



Driver configuration: 3 drivers and 3 crossover

Sensitivity: 105db@1khz

Impedance: 25ohm@1khz

Frequency response: 10-22khz


Impedance: 25Ω

Plug : 3.5mm Straight type

Cable length: 1.2m


Appearance and set

The set is just imperial. The sliding black casket from a dense cardboard quite would be suitable for storage of jewelry. On outer side the stylish logo of the NF brand is squeezed out. In her we find the acquaintance to us on sets of custom IEM reliable plastic PELI CASE. Inside - earphones and a cable. At the bottom of a box are in an envelope: 4 couples one-flange and 3 couples two-flange silicone tips, a carbine for fastening to a case, a brush for leaving by sound tubes and the instruction - the warranty card.






NF3u looks is fantastically! Having twisted a little in hands these earphones, I was struck by material of which the shell is made. It is similar to acrylic, but has a little bigger weight and amazing transparency. In this firm weight there is no bubble, everything is smooth, and through the case it is possible to make out the internal device clearly: drivers, wires and crossover.


It turns out that at production of these earphones the German pitch of the premium applied in medicine is used. The side panel of ears is executed from sandalwood. All this business is varnished and ground to perfection. Generally, the quality is higher than any praises and beauty incredible!

Earphone form ergonomic, reminding the CIEM executed on an individual impression. Comes into an ear as if a snail in a native sink.




Sound pipe - metal, is made of alloy of copper and zinc. Having glanced in him it is possible to make out acoustic tubes. The protective grid covering a nozzle sound pipe no so it is necessary to watch closely that there ear sulfur didn't get. Probably, the producer has decided that nothing has to interfere with reproduction of a clear sound.

In each earphone has taken place on 3 KNOWLES BA: 1-Low frequencies, 1-Mids, 1-High frequencies) and 3-way crossover.


The cable is replaceable, it is made of 8-core 6N single crystal copper and silver-plated hybrid wire which are beautifully weaved into a braid. jack the plug – direct 3,5 mm, a fork 2pin (0.78mm).

The only thing that it seemed to me not really convenient in a case with a cable, so is ear-guide. And though they are made of flexible silicone, nevertheless, they don't fix a desirable form, and have already ready configuration which you can't correct under yourself. In my opinion, not the most successful decision. However, other users, perhaps, won't even notice this moment.


In general, my congratulations NF Audio. A set and appearance of these earphones – everything is solid also with taste! Good fellows!





Sound impressions


Listening was carried out on: MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, QLS DA 9.1 Melokin, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso DX200 (AMP7), iFI xDSD, iFI micro iDSD Black Lable, & QLS QA-361.



With all devices NF3u have proved to be from the good party.


Just in case, considering recent positive experience with LSX sounding transformation, I have put earphones on burn-in approximately for 30 hours. Changes have appeared insignificant, but, nevertheless, unambiguously to the best.


Sounding of NF3u neutral, clean and extremely detailed. Earphones execute material widely, technically and exclusively musically. It is a little sterile and sublime manner, but moving naturalistically with exact transfer of all small nuances of composition where each sound is filled with life and is invested with flesh. It has caused associations with serene flight of snowflakes or a game of bright sunshine on clean snow when the head is already occupied approaching New year in me. This pleasure comparable to driving in the winter on the sledge!



NF3u show excellent permission, improbable speed, with a good pressure and amazing detail, especially it concerns a high frequency.


Highs are a little accented, move crystal-clearly, filigree outlining each musical curl, whether it be find hi-hat with a ring of a hand bell or contact - everything will sound precisely and extremely beautifully, in a little cool manner. They as if a katana wave, cut out each smallest detail from ice, turning her into a graceful figure. It is not the bright and irritating hearing manner, not though in places sounds on the verge at all, but, in too time, never passes it.


These are the speeds and the clean drive causing a condition of euphoria given in a little distilled manner.


Mids is accurate, detailed, spacious and emotional. She moves exactly, openly and naturalistically. It is the harmonious picture transferred by earphones purely, beautifully with the good permission and laudable detail. Keys and guitars are tastefully poured by overtones, voice parts moderately expressive - here too are small and accurate accent around the top middle, it is presented so jewelry that except delight causes nothing. It is a smooth manner which moves comfortably, and obeys effectively.


The qualitative bass causes a storm of positive emotions. It is well textured and goes level with a mid-frequency range. His study, high-speed characteristics, a timbre variety deserve all praises. Here the blow force, vibration of strings of a contrabass is so accurately distinguishable, everything is so precisely outlined that an impression sometimes is made that you have come to be in the sounding tool or its string are attached to your body. Generally, effect of presence - you will begin to rock!


It is a little quantitatively low frequencies, but on my taste and their hearing it is quite enough. And the quality of working off is almost faultless. But if you need the dense, slow and hooting bass passing too much, then these earphones not for you.


Earphones well draw a stereo panorama and also virtual space, not deeply, but is quite wide. The general picture turns out harmonious and spacious.


These IEM are capable to pierce with a chilling arrow your heart or as the dispersed surfer sliding on the roll, to pour from legs to the head a positive. And can instantly fly up together with you and from height of bird's flight to show all beauty of a game of paints, fine details and half tones from which the musical composition is weaved.



With any musical genre of NF3u cope with the stunning ease. They smartly win back classical works, jazz and heavy music. On a shoulder him and transfer of the gloomy atmosphere.


For example Killing Joke "Love like blood"

The riparian forest a bass guitar string as if the angry wasp, mercilessly stings the perfected triplets, allowing to enjoy at the same time each contact and vibration of a string. The accomplices have drums here, echoing this neurotic dance frantically.

Keyboard tools detached wander at some distance as the ghost, turning aside from the clanking rhythm section and publishing a weak background luminescence of the poltergeist. The guitar refuses to vegetate on boondocks and tries to discover for itself in this otherworldly bacchanalia the place where it scatters hush fully the lingering notes sparkling lunar silver.

Jaz Coleman decides that his turn has come, and emaciated romantically brings a final verdict:

«'Til the fearless come and the act is done

A love like blood

A love like blood…»

Blood grows cold with it, shrouds in a secret, forcing the listener watchfully and to watch enchanted a musical sabbath.


The bottom line


High frequencies – clear and pure. They move is chilling precisely, purely, without scattering and distortions. There is an accent in this register, but he doesn't irritate. It is beautiful, expressional and a little cool manner.


Mids is sound in details, most smoothly, caressing hearing and not irritating it. The middle is ground as the sea pebble which doesn't have keen edges. Madly accurately and beautifully sound string, a grand piano and voice parts, perfectly transferring everything micro and macronuances.


Low frequencies - equal, with direct and rolling shot where each contact of a drum and its return are accurately distinguishable. The bass is deep, relief, layered and fast. Everything is fulfilled qualitatively, exactly, without rumble and botched work. Great!



NF Audio NF3u is a fine IEM model with the graceful and distinguished musical color. I am sure that it's will find many admirers. Especially here everything is worthy: set, quality of assembly, design and ergonomics.

Well and about the price. NF3u cost at the time of writing of the review in online store was $450. If you need earphones with pure and detailed individual sounding, then with NF3u you won't be disappointed.



Sound, ergonomics, design, set, price.



Silicon ear-guide not really convenient


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