Vision Ears EVE20: Waltzing Muse Charm

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Sometimes life is so much like a movie that you tell someone, and in response you will hear “Yes, you made it all up!”. But, believe me, that is why it is the New Year, so that the most wonderful stories happened in reality on these holidays.

So, imagine, on December 31st and only a few hours are left before the chimes, and in general you and your family should have left the city, but, alas, it did not work out. Festive food is being prepared in the kitchen, and you and your children are looking out the window, seeing off the 2020 so difficult for everyone. And then the doorbell rings, the door opens, and the postman presents me with a completely unexpected gift that flew from afar and reached the addressee at the most suitable moment. And this is a real miracle, from which you turn into a child, despite the gray hair and your own young "gang of children" at your side!

Today I will tell you about this miracle. And our wonderful guest has arrived from Germany, his name is EVE20, and these are wonderful IEMs from my beloved Vision Ears brand. Let's first decipher the abbreviation - "EVE20" stands for Exclusive Vision Ears 2020, which means that with this development the company draws a line under its activities in 2020. By the way, EVE20 will be on sale until about the fall of 2021. This is the third model of the brand, produced exclusively in a universal shell. The first UIEM was the Erlkonig model, then the winner of many nominations - Elysium, and now, if I understand correctly, EVE is updated annually.

The EVE20 is built on six BA drivers. The brand's arsenal already has a CIEM with a similar circuit - VE6 and VE6X1 / X2, produced both in the form of CIEM and in IEM, but other components are used there, BA drivers, and, as a result, whose sound is different from the hero of today's review.

It is also worth noting that since 2020, Vision Ears has made it possible to purchase its in-ear monitors in both CIEM and IEM versions. And this is a great event for audiophiles and music lovers all over the world! If earlier not everyone was comfortable ordering CIEM for an individual ear impression, now there is complete freedom of choice.

Well, for those who, perhaps, do not fully understand the status of the company we are talking about today, here is a short excursion into its history. Vision Ears is a well-known and highly respected developer from Cologne in the professional and expert circles, who has been manufacturing high-quality in-ear monitors and hearing protection for many years. For me personally, Vision Ears has an almost cult status and indisputable authority, their CIEM / IEM occupies a special place in my hierarchy of portable sound. Therefore, I rejoice like a child with the release of each new model of their in-Ear monitors, and German engineers tirelessly justify my reverent attitude towards them, amazing me time after time with their creations.

So, the opening speech turned out to be detailed and it's time to finally take on a gift from Santa Claus. I ask you to love and favor - another masterpiece from Vision Ears - EVE20!

Text by Alexey Kashirskey aka Hans Barbarossa



Technology Balanced Armature

Driver count 6

Driver Configuration 2 Low + 2 Mid + 2 High

Impedance: 25Ω @ 1kHz

Sensitivity: 120.5dB @ 1mW @ 1kHz

Enclosure material Acrylic

Appearance kit and ergonomics

EVE20 arrived in a pretty cardboard box wrapped in a printed cover dotted with black lines: either it is a plexus of some heavenly web, or an unusually busy intersection with trolleybus tracks - but it looks expressive in any case. And in the center are the bright purple logo of the "EVE" model and the clarifying decoding "Exclusive Vision Ears 2020". Stylish, beautiful and tasteful!




We remove the beautiful cover and see the embossed black box, made in carbon look, with the purple logo of the brand "VE" itself. Inside we find a weighty metal case - "washer", a 6.3 / 3.5mm adapter, a bottle with IEM care liquid and a soft cloth for the same purpose, a sound guides cleaner, an envelope with instructions, a warranty card and an envelope with replaceable protective nets. We unscrew this very round "box" washer and extract the main wealth from it - the EVE20 themselves paired with a removable cable, as well as a package with three pairs of SpinFit silicone tips of different sizes (S / M / L).





Well, the kit, as expected from Vision Ears, is exceptional: there is absolutely everything to use, care for and securely store these IEMs. Go ahead.

EVE20 looks gorgeous! Made entirely of acrylic by IEM. Through the transparent olive shell, you can clearly see all the internal content: BA drivers, wires and acoustic tubes. There is not a single bubble in this solid mass, everything is smooth and clean, you will not find fault. The faceplate is made in a delicate ruby color. On the left IEM the logo of the "VE" brand is displayed in silver, on the right - the logo of the "EVE" model. The workmanship is beyond praise, and what a beauty!





There are six BA drivers hidden inside each IEM: two for low frequencies, two for mids and two more for highs. At the tip of the sound guide there is a protective mesh that can be replaced as it gets clogged (as many as three pairs of replaceable mesh filters included). In the upper part of the case there are connectors for a 2pin cable plug (0.78 mm).



EVE20 is small in size, extremely lightweight and ergonomic. The shape resembles a CIEM made from an individual ear impression. It enters the ear easily and naturally, like a snail into its own shell.



The cable is interchangeable, black, made by braiding, extraordinarily light, soft and elastic. The cable has a Velcro strap for twisting it. TRS 3.5 mm jack straight, gold-plated, 2pin connectors, which allow you to easily pick up another cable with the same connectors for the headphones, if necessary.


In general, my congratulations and respect to Vision Ears! The set and appearance of these IEMs, as always with VE, are excellent! Now it's time to move on to the real magic of EVE20 - to the sound.

Sound impressions

Listening (audio testing) was conducted on: MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, iFi ZEN DAC+ZEN CAN, Lotoo paw Gold, Lotoo PAW S1, iBasso 220 MAX, QLS QA-361, iFI micro iDSD BL & iFi HIP DAC. 

EVE20 played very well with all devices, their "voice" changed slightly depending on the sound source.

I recommend taking a responsible approach to the process of choosing tips, since this affects not only comfort, but also it has a significant impact on the creation of a sound picture.



The sound of EVE20 is thick, plastic, filled with living bodily substance, incredibly euphonious, with excellent handling of macro- and micro-nuances, elegantly boosted low-frequency range, smooth melodious and naturalistic Mids, as well as a clean, graceful and slightly shy high-frequency range.

This is a well-balanced and harmonious way of delivering sound, which at the same time has a thick consistency, like freshly pumped fragrant honey. This is musical molasses, from which in the literal sense salivation flows, and the ear distinguishes in it an infinite number of shades of compositions.



Listening to EVE20, you feel with all its fibers the beauty and charm of sound, as if you are waltzing with a charming muse who circles you, fascinating, and imperceptibly pulls you into the very abyss of musical bliss.

The musical canvas of EVE20 is painted in a solid, beautiful, massive and contrasting manner, with accurate and completely natural reproduction of timbres, in a slightly warm and rich manner.

All listened musical material is presented cleanly, calmly, authentically, juicy and very melodic. The perfect match of the drivers and the complete absence of phase distortion are striking. It seems that these IEMs have one large wideband driver installed, so everything sounds harmonious, seamless and at the same time multifaceted.

Overall, the EVE20s have excellent tonal balance and striking musicality.

The virtual stage is medium in size, it is harmoniously and proportionally lined up both in width and depth, the depth of space is drawn especially effectively.



The low-frequency range is neatly boosted, which adds massiveness, depth and solid support to the Mids. The blow is massive, round, precise and firm, going deep down. The bass is biting, textured, and fast enough despite its neutral-warm tone. He keeps up everywhere and flawlessly weaves into the mid-frequency register, darkening the background and filling the listened compositions with contrast and timbre variety. A clear clap, vibration of a shock - everything is transmitted clearly, accurately and smoothly, without hum and harmful encroachments on other frequencies.

Such extremely precise alignment of all registers and universal flexibility of Lows surprises with every new song you listen to. Where a beautiful and imposing manner is needed, the EVE20 will gently roll through your body in a pleasant, polished, silky, charming bass. Well, if the track you are listening to has mass and pressure, then hold on: they will give you a strong hook and uppercut, and then knock you down with a powerful jab - a musical knockout is guaranteed!

Mids EVE20 is sleek, heady, mesmerizing and adorable. This is a clean, neutral, balanced, rich in timbre, technical and layered manner of presenting the sound. Here, every musical image or sound is clothed in flesh. Strings, piano and vocals sound pure, graceful and unusually lively. This is a comfortable, polished, rich timbre and textured manner, without harshness and distortion. Such a sound is simply created to receive true enjoyment of music; you can listen to it (not even listen, but let it in) for hours. The audio images, as if by the wave of the conductor's magic wand, thickly, layer by layer, lie on the overall, unusually beautiful canvas of the composition: precisely, large and multifaceted. You feel every tremor of the string and vibration of the soundboard with your body - everything is so clear. The pleasure, I tell you, is incredible! It is also worth mentioning the excellent detail of this register.

High frequencies are reproduced clearly and harmoniously, and I personally have no complaints about their quantity and quality. The register is transmitted accurately and clearly, without sharpness and distortion. This is an unusually authentic and maximally correct manner, with good articulation, served in a light, graceful and comfortable manner. Here, perhaps, there are no particularly refined after-sounds and excessive "air", but at the same time the register is played out extremely cleanly, clearly, honestly, with charming modesty. Here, as in other registers, we have complete harmony and harmonious interaction with the entire frequency range in the name of general harmony.


EVE20 can handle any genre of music without a problem. They play well both instrumental music, jazz, electronica, rock, and brutal genres.


EVE20 is a model with the widest range, which can both charm, warm and envelop with affection, and pull you into the ring and give you a bang. This sound has individuality, magnetic charm and lush musical flavor. Vision Ears has once again created a masterpiece: a flawless device with a beautiful exterior and a harmonious, well-balanced, mature sound rich in musical timbres.

Without a doubt, the EVE20 will become one of the most revered and beloved IEM models among audiophiles and music lovers, but I only admire it. It remains only to inform about the price of this charm. You can buy EVE20 on the official website for 1300 €. As I mentioned earlier, the EVE20 model will be available to order until fall 2021.

If you can afford to fork out and get refined and high-end sound in return, then I highly recommend the Vision Ears EVE20 to purchase. It will be worth it, I assure you.



Sound, kit, design, comfort, build quality.


No (leaving the price in brackets).

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