Vision Ears VE7: a poetic masterpiece

Hi friends!

I propose to hold our meeting today under the motto "Measure seven times, listen once." Such a humorous treatment of the well-known proverb "Measure seven times, cut once", of course, is not accidental - our guest is an awesome novelty from Vision Ears, VE7 IEM.


Yes, we all were waiting for the release of the next annual IEM model with the EVE index (Exclusive Vision Ears), but the German company decided to make a "knight's move" and presented its completely new development. The VE7 model, as you might guess, is built on 7 BA drivers (I will describe in detail the roles in this septet directly in the review); the design also uses a five-way crossover.


It is also worth noting that since 2020, Vision Ears has made it possible to purchase its in-ear monitors in both custom (CIEM) and universal (IEM) versions. And this is a great event for audiophiles and music lovers all over the world! If earlier not everyone was comfortable ordering CIEM for an individual ear impression, now there is complete freedom of choice.

Well, for those who, perhaps, do not fully understand the status of the company we are talking about today, here is a short excursion into its history. Vision Ears is a well-known and highly respected developer from Cologne in the professional and expert circles, who has been manufacturing high-quality in-ear monitors and hearing protection for many years. For me personally, Vision Ears has an almost cult status and indisputable authority, their CIEM / IEM occupies a special place in my hierarchy of portable sound. Therefore, I rejoice like a child with the release of each new model of their in-Ear monitors, and German engineers tirelessly justify my reverent attitude towards them, amazing me time after time with their creations.

 The main merit of VE7, however, is not in technological bells and whistles, but, as always with Vision Ears, in the magic of sound. So, accio, wingardium leviosa, alohomora, ridiculus - the magic begins!


Text by Alexey Kashirskey aka Hans Barbarossa





5-way system.

Driver count 7

2 x Bass – 2 x Low-Mids – 1 x Mid – 1 x Mid-High – 1x Superhigh.

Sensitivity: 116dB SPL (at 1mW)

Impedance: 12Ω (at 1KHz)

Enclosure material Acrylic



Appearance kit and ergonomics


The VE7 packaging immediately sets us up in an extremely positive way, since the traditional black cardboard box is additionally wrapped in aesthetic purple parchment, on which a round badge-sticker with the brand's logo flaunts.


We unfold our charm, flip the lid of the box and begin to explore the contents. Inside we find a heavy metal "washer", a 6.3 / 3.5 mm adapter, a bottle of IEM care product and a soft cloth for the same purpose, a sound guides cleaner, an envelope with instructions and a warranty card, a capsule for moisture absorption. We unscrew the round "box" and extract the main wealth from it - the VE7 itself with a replaceable cable, as well as a bag with four pairs of SpinFit silicone tips of different sizes (S / SM / M / L).


Yes, the kit, as expected from Vision Ears, is exceptional: there is absolutely everything for use, care and safe storage of the IEM. Let's go further.





So we got to VE7 IEM. The transparent blue shell is made entirely of acrylic. Through it, you can clearly see all the inner content:  BA drivers, wires and acoustic design. There is not a single air bubble in this solid mass, everything is smooth and clean, you will not find fault with it. The form of the universal version of IEM resembles the custom version - (CIEM). Indeed, the ergonomics are what you need here, you just need to choose the right tips size. In my case, the complete SpinFit tips of the SM size fit perfectly.

It is appropriate to remind here that the VE7 model, however, like any other from the arsenal of the Vision Ears brand, can be ordered both in a universal (IEM) version and in a custom (CIEM) individual design.





On the outside of the IEM, there are faceplates of indescribable beauty. When you look at this, you can experience Stendhal's syndrome, which once in Florence became literally sick from an overabundance of beauty. Imagine, red-hot drops of fiery mother-of-pearl lava fell on the ultramarine valley! The sight, I tell you, is mesmerizing. It is a design masterpiece that you can admire for hours.

In the very center there is the IEM model name - "VE7", engraved in silver jewelry. The top is all varnished and perfectly sanded.


On the inside of the shell, there is a sound guide with three outlets, to which acoustic tubes are connected. In the upper part there are connectors for a cable plug with 2pin (0.78mm).





Seven BA drivers fit inside each IEM: two are responsible for low frequencies (Bass), the same number are responsible for the lower middle (Low-Mids), one is responsible for the middle (Mids), another is responsible for working out the upper middle (Mid-High) and a separate the driver works out the highest frequencies (Superhigh).


The VE7 IEM is expected to be worn behind the ear. Soundproofing is at a fairly high level, which allows you to enjoy listening to your favorite songs even in noisy city transport.



The cable is interchangeable, black, made by braiding, extraordinarily light, soft and elastic. The cable has a Velcro strap for twisting it. TRS 3.5 mm jack straight, gold-plated, 2pin connectors, which allow you to easily pick up another cable with the same connectors for the headphones, if necessary.



The appearance of these IEMs, like the equipment, is 5+. Well, who would doubt that Vision Ears will have it differently, I certainly will not. Now it's time to move on to the main course, the awesome sound of VE7.


Sound impressions


Listening (audio testing) was conducted on: MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, iFi iDSD Diablo, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso 220 MAX, iBasso DX300, QLS QA-361 & iFi HIP DAC.

With all devices VE7 played at a very high level, their "voice" slightly changed depending on the sound source.

And again, I recommend that you take a responsible approach to the process of selecting tips. This is really important because it has a significant impact on the creation of the sound image.




In terms of tonal balance, I would describe the sound of the VE7 as very well balanced, tending towards neutral, with amazing musicality.

VE7s give out the most "adult" and full-bodied sound, which has all the necessary audiophile qualities and properties.

These IEMs deliver sound material in a solid, beautiful, massive and contrasting manner, with accurate and completely natural reproduction of timbres, in a neutral warm and rich manner.



Low-frequency register and volume.

The exact transfer of the volume of imaginary space is at the top of the table here. Moreover, it is achieved not by increasing the number of "lows", as is the case with some manufacturers, but due to the quality of the depth and width of the imaginary scene. That is, figuratively speaking, exquisite champagne in our glass splashes gracefully and plays in the light, but not a single drop from this glass will fall on the costume and thereby spoil the overall impression.

Honestly, if I didn’t know the technical configuration, I would have decided that (DD) and (BA) drivers work in a pair, and even unusually harmoniously. And from how filigreely "sewn together" Bass and lower mids, you are simply stunned: how is it even possible to create, cool! I think that, as always, there was a secret ingredient of Vision Ears. Magic, and nothing more.


Blow -

The practice of claps and blows is precise and extremely naturalistic. There is also the accuracy with good speed of the BA driver, as well as the rolling and mass with a warm, rounded manner inherent in the DD driver. That is, here it is - an impulse, a blow with an accurate hit, and then a roll with vibration flies at us, outlining the space and wrapping the listener with warmth. Awesome!


I also liked the speed of working out sound. No, this is not a racetrack, along which a mad sports car rushes, cutting the headwind and swallowing kilometers, this is an exciting ride on horseback. You look at the beach line receding into the distance, on which the evening sun throws its oblique rays, and then you spur your zealous horse, become one with him and rush there, beyond the visible bend of the coast, and the darkening sea splashes on the side. How do you like this trip? For me personally, this harmony with the outside world is very close.

But back to specifics. The lower mid area is served quite smoothly and coherently, in a neutral-warm manner. The perfect consistency of the drivers and the complete absence of phase distortion are striking.




The mid-range register is worked out cleanly, smoothly, evenly and unusually melodic. Here we again return to the excellent transfer of the volume of imaginary space, excellent detail and simply amazing transfer of timbres. This is a layered, detailed, rich, full of "body", sustained tonally, an unusually beautiful manner of sound transmission.

Strings creep through the body, the saxophone and piano sound smoothly and extremely naturalistic, and the vocal parts are full-bodied, as if alive, soar in front of you, causing the desire to touch their imaginary images. This is a real miracle: the sound picture, harmoniously spreading out before your gaze, pulsates with a living and attractive substance.


It is also worth noting the harmonious development of macrodynamics in combination with the perfect rendering of micro-contrast.




Treble is another killer trump card of the VE7. They are crystal clear, precise and drawn out. There is a slight accent here, giving the overall sound a gloss and extraordinary charm. This is a barely noticeable color, filling the general audio picture with fresh air, as if brought from such a distant and alluring New Caledonia. Such a high-quality and accurate lift adds analyticity, and we fully enjoy the beauty and purity of the sound.

Another excellent quality of this register is that this crystal freshness does not distract attention at all when listening to the composition. This is what I call masterly work! Thank you Vision Ears.


The virtual soundstage is quite spacious, more than average, it lines up harmoniously and proportionally both in width and depth.




VE7s can handle any genre of music with ease. They play well both instrumental music, jazz, electronica, rock, and brutal genres.



Although, frankly, such a dry statement is completely inappropriate when describing VE7. Their sound is something sacred. It reminds us of the true beauty of life, the boundlessness of the spirit and the naturalness of nature. In these headphones you not only listen to music, but find yourself inside an amazing sound performance, where the instruments-actors are alive and clothed in flesh, slender, but not fragile, strict and poetic.

This is a delightful natural beauty, without a hint of makeup and retouching, like Liv Ullman and Bibi Andersson in Bergman's "Persona" or Margarita Terekhova in Tarkovsky's "Mirror".



VE7 are amazing IEMs with their own musical flavor. There is everything here: neutrality and naturalness, unforgettable charm and genuine beauty with graceful lines. This sound allows you to enjoy your favorite music over and over again, experiencing thrill and excitement over and over again.

Vision Ears has once again created a masterpiece: a flawless device with a beautiful exterior and a harmonious, well-balanced, mature sound rich in musical timbres.

Separately, it should be noted the highest performance with impeccable assembly (Made in Germany), stunning design, good ergonomics and a rich set. There is no doubt that this novelty from Vision Ears will become one of the most revered and beloved models among audiophiles and music lovers around the world.

It remains only to say about the price of this pleasure. You can buy VE7 on the official website for 1.850 €. In my opinion, the price tag is quite adequate for a sound of this level.


All in all, if you have the opportunity to shell out for exquisite and high-end sound invested in a beautiful design, then I highly recommend the Vision Ears VE7 to purchase.



Sound, kit, design, comfort, build quality.


No (leaving the price in brackets).

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